Benefits Of Biking Culture

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Introduction -

Leather has been associated with biking culture for close to a century. Because of this, many novice bikers gravitate towards leather protective equipment when the time comes to purchase their first collection of motorcycle gear. While leather motorcycle jackets certainly have a lot to offer, textile alternatives have become more and more popular in recent years.

Today, I want to walk you through the benefits of owning a textile motorcycle jacket. I’m also going to provide you with some guidelines to keep you on track when you go to the store. Finally, I’m going to show you some of my favorite textile motorcycle jackets on the market today, so can you deck yourself out in the same gear as experienced bikers such as myself. …show more content…

A lot of people who avoid motorcycles don’t realize how much strength and stamina is required to ride one out of your driveway to your destination an hour or two away. Of course, you and I know just how challenging it can be.

Biking becomes a whole lot more difficult when you cover yourself in weighty leather gear. Even the lightest leather motorcycle jacket will weigh you down and you will certainly begin to feel it crushing your shoulders after a couple of miles behind the handlebars, making you feel like you have been bench pressing 200 pounds for the entirety of your journey. Textile motorcycle jackets, however, are lightweight garments. They are so light, in fact, that you will likely forget you are wearing one ten minutes into your trip.

Cruelty-Free -

Leather jackets are great for us humans, there’s no doubt about that, but the leather trade isn’t exactly the best thing for our animal friends. Real leather is derived from the rawhide and skin of animals. Generally this skin comes from cattle, but a lot of Asian manufacturers have been known to turn to cats and dogs as a means of keeping costs down. It’s the kind of thing you have to do your best to put out of your mind unless you want to throw up all over your bike every time you try to ride …show more content…

While a leather jacket that is worn purely for stylistic reasons can be tossed in the washing machine, machine washing your leather motorcycle gear is ill-advised as it can weaken the material, which means all leather gear must be painstakingly hand washed. Furthermore, leather motorcycle jackets must frequently be treated with a collection of balms and oils in order to prevent the leather from drying out and becoming chapped. A textile motorcycle jacket, however, requires very little effort to maintain and can generally be machine washed providing it doesn’t contain any sizeable patches of suede or

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