Ms Tanzina Vega Analysis

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It is true to say that, nowadays, mass media has strong influence on people’s minds and this power is widely used to put in favor some political organization or prove that the social construction is perfect and the government does great job. In a protest, Tanzina Vega released a statement “Shooting Spurs Effort on Stereotypes”. The major points of that statement are the stereotypical way of thinking about black population and how the information from simple people is different from mass media’s one. In that passage Ms. Vega opened serious questions about stereotypes and how mass media takes the information out of the context to prove that the stereotypes are still appropriate. The passage is written for people who are not able to filtrate the information from mass media and take that information for undeniable truth. Therefore, she uses a lot of examples which prove that the undeniable information is highly questionable. Ms. Vega did a great job explaining the disinformation provided by the mass media. The first tree paragraph provided a clear example of how …show more content…

It showed me that this problem found in every multicultural country also takes place in the United State where all people have the same rights. Unfortunately, the rights are equal only on the law system but if to explore the “life rights” only whites has full “pack of rights” which is not limited by the stereotypes. According to my experience I was always under the influence of the stereotypes which caused me a lot of issues in Russia. Reading this passage only one question rose up: why are people in Russia not even trying to get rid of the stereotypes? In the United States sic “#IfTheyGunnedMeDown campaign began, the phrase been used on Twitter more than 168,000 times”. This shows that there are at least 168,000 who are ready to do against the

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