Muhammad Ali's Influence On Modern Society

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Muhammad Ali: A Revolutionary Figure Muhammad Ali was one of the most dominant boxers of all time finishing with a record of 56-5 with thirty-seven knockouts. Muhammad Ali made a great impact on the world while being one of the most dominant boxers of all time. Ali put helping others before his own boxing career. He wanted to help people that do not have the chance to pursue their dreams to be able to. Muhammad Ali has significantly benefitted modern society by creating equality between African Americans and whites, helping fight for a cure for Parkinson’s disease, and increasing the popularity of the sport of boxing. Muhammad Ali was not just one of the greatest boxers of all time; he was one of the greatest examples of all time. Muhammad Ali always said he wanted to be, more than a boxer, he wanted to inspire people all over the world (“Hauser”). To do this, Ali visited a lot of organizations such as, Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Special Olympics making dreams of the young kids a reality. Ali was always trying to put the less fortunate before himself by helping out in any way he possibly could. Everyone had an opinion of Ali. One either loved him for his impact on the world, or you did not for the mistakes he made (“Tuthill and Dehority”). But overall the mistakes …show more content…

Muhammad Ali has done much to help the poor; example including his donation of over one million dollars to Cuba to aid them medically. Also, Ali has made goodwill missions to Afghanistan and North Korea (“Charity”). Ali tries to make life better for others through his donation to Cuba to help build better hospitals and hire skilled doctors to help treat diseases. Along with that Muhammad Ali will go anywhere, no matter the danger of the country or the people, to help anyone that is in need of some extra

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