Multiple Myeloma Case Study

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Multiple Myeloma has been recognized since Ancient Times. The first recorded case was that of Sarah Newbury that was reported over a 170 years ago. She presented with bone pain and on one occasion her husband carried her from the fireplace to her bed, and she fractured two of her femurs. She continued to deteriorate and was finally hospitalized at St. Thomas Hospital in London and was treated with orange peel and infusion of rhubarb as well as narcotics. Unfortunately, she died just a few days later, and at autopsy it was found that she had a bone marrow that was very red and resembled that of Thomas Alexander McBean.
The most commonly recognized case is that of Thomas Alexander McBean, a highly respectable tradesman from London in 1850. Mr. McBean excreted a large amount of protein that was described by Henry Bence Jones in
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The body is created from millions of tiny cells. There are different types of cells in the body, and there are many different types of cancer which came from different types of cell. All types of cancer cells are abnormal and do not respond to normal control mechanisms. Large numbers of cancer cells accumulate either because they multiply out of control or they live much longer than normal cells would do or both. Myeloma is one type of cancer.Myeloma is a cancer that affects certain white blood cells in the bone marrow, called plasma cells. When the cancerous plasma cells fill the bone marrow, we are not able to make enough normal blood cells. They also make a lot of one type of antibody. As a result, various symptoms develop. Myeloma is sometimes called multiple myeloma or myelomatosis. This can lead to anemia, bleeding problems and infections. Other symptoms include bone pain, breaks (fractures) due to bone damage, and kidney damage. In many cases, treatment with chemotherapy and other treatments can control the disease, ease symptoms and extend survival for a number of

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