Murder Mystery Play Analysis

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“It’s the original Murder Mystery novel, full of suspense, and it includes an obsessive search for the truth. It’s also the play that has affected drama more than any other play ever written. This quote is from Ted Pappas, which will be on your midterm.” The class is a Literature room with Professor Jackson in Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. At the end of the room is Michael Reconco, Draken Lopez and his twin brother Drake Lopez is trying not to sleep. “Michael answer this question since you are not sleeping in this class. Give me a quote from murder mystery and who said it” Professor Jackson sits on his desk in the left corner with the computer, ready to put in Michael’s grade. Michael looks to his professor, while the class …show more content…

You understand don’t you.” Draken sigh to see it was no point of asking David to change the date of the test. “You know that we have been good friend since I was your high school teacher in Florida, but this is college, and this is my second term working here. So, I need everything perfect because this is my job and my family move here to get more money” David explains his reason. Draken feel disappointed that he needs to go for a drink. As he walked out David office, his brother Drake runs to him. “Drake slow down man” he stops and explain his reason “Michael and I talk to the Professor Jackson and he agreed to just give us the same as the class this time.” Draken surprise that Jackson let him pass, but he expresses joyful “Yo bro why don’t I give you and Michael a treat like going to the movies to see Jigsaw 2 at 7:00, ok.” Drake responds with joy, “Awesome bro” they fist pump and walk to their dorm room. Michael at the university Starbucks getting a strawberry latte wait to get a text to Drake about Draken. As he got his latte and walk outside. “Hey Michael, is Draken with you” Michael look back to see Hannah Watson a black girl with a pony tail who is dating Draken. Michael respond to her “He not here and he kind of mad now with the class project we have to do that, we accidently …show more content…

As the movie is in the end credit Michael touch Draken to see that he didn’t eat his hotdog or drink his soda. “So how was the movie brother” Drake ask his brother in a cheer tone. Draken stand up and reply with happy tone “Well the movie is good, and I like the part the they went to old Game over they do from the saw movie.” Michael can hear Draken tone is an act, but what he saw before the movie he can understand him. As they left Hickory Hollow Cinema Drake speak “You know that while I talk to Talvinder she asks me to get a coffee some time and I got her phone number.” With that Draken respond to his brother “Drake you know that I care for you that I’m telling you this not to say your ugly that she using you like in high school my brother.” They stop with Drake reply “You know that I can take care of myself brother.” “Drake I was born two minutes early that make me the oldest which I know more than you, so I’m say that she only uses you when she is

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