Muscarello Incident

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For the past seven years, a small town in New Hampshire called Exeter has been getting together to celebrate a famous UFO sighting that happened over 50 years ago. ”THE INCIDENT AT EXETER” The 1965 UFO sighting in Exeter, New Hampshire started when an 18-year-old man named Norman Muscarello reported a UFO sighting to police. This event, cleverly named “The Incident at Exeter,” drew so much attention from the nation that the Air Force launched an official investigation to get to the bottom of what happened that night. READ ABOUT MORE UFO SIGHTINGS HERE Over the past seven years, Dean Merchant, a Kiwanian and UFO enthusiast and researcher, has been the “brainchild” of a festival called the Exeter UFO Festival. It’s a weekend-long UFO celebration, …show more content…

3, 1965, Muscarello found himself hitchhiking his way back home. At some point in the night, Muscarello began to see some strange stuff in the woods next to him. Scared by the strange lights, he threw himself in a ditch until the lights began to move back into the woods. After he saw the strange UFO, Muscarello was able to get in contact with police. One of the officers who went to investigate the incident also reported seeing a flying object that looked unfamiliar to him. Muscarello and the officer weren’t the only ones who saw something strange that night; reports came in about a UFO from all over the area. As you might have guessed, official word from the Air Force was that it was probably just a mirage or a B-47 that happened to be in the area at the time. To this day, nothing has officially been confirmed about the incident. THE EXETER UFO FESTIVAL Despite the open-ended conclusion to the incident, the Exeter UFO Festival still manages to draw in a huge crowd. Huffington Post reported that the festival was expected to draw in more than 600 million UFO enthusiast. This festival isn’t quite as big as the Roswell festival, but Bill Smith, president of the Kiwanis Club of Exeter, doesn’t believe it needs to be in order to be successful. The core of the festival is about raising money for children’s charities and having fun. “A large percentage of the audience are true believers … They do take it seriously,” said

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