My Escape To Iran Analysis

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For one to make it through a hard life, he or she needs to be strong and resilient. For people who peruse the American dream, however, realize that is not so much a bed of roses as it is thought when you are not yet in America. Bibinaz got to experience the worst and later on the good side of being a foreigner in the US. This is probably what the best explanation of what happened to Bibinaz after moving to America with her family. Being a girl, the author of the story “My Escape to Iran” had no choice but to brave the elements and make do with what life threw her way. What fueled her need to move on despite the ever-deteriorating circumstances she went through? It is through her strength and responsible nature that the young girl manages to move past the meanderings of life to who she is today. It is said that one’s character is defined by how they handle and emerge from difficult situations in life (Leavy 23). Bibinaz’s life was not like that of any other child. Growing up in a Muslim family that did not seem to work out, she felt like she had the responsibility to take care of her family and keep it together. Bibinaz was strong because she was able to make it through all difficulties. In as much as was concerned for her family, she was young and needed her…show more content…
In as much as she never agreed with the mother, she felt a connection relating her mother strength to her own. More so, though she was in pain, she was strong enough to acknowledge that she needed her parents. “My father was right: My mother was strong enough to leave. And maybe my mother was right about me. I was cruel like my dad. How else could I have left them? How else could I have let things get this far?” (Bibinaz 1). What this excerpt ascertains is that she was determined to make right all her
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