My First Day Of My New School

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As I walked in to my new school on the first day I was completely petrified. I have neverexperienced such a scarier thing than walking into a new school half way through the year and being the new girl. I knew nobody not one person. I felt alone in this big world called Middle School. My first day went okay I mean everybody stared at me ask me for my name and I just was that new quiet girl who didn 't say anything. The hardest part of the day was lunch I sat in the bathroom all alone hearing toilets flush as I was eating my tuna fish sandwich. Most of these things happen in movies but in real life this is what actually happened. But I didn 't mind it was better than sitting next to total strangers who would have probably judged me by my looks, my clothes. my shoes, everything. My favorite part of the day was math this is going to sound confusing but I hate math but I am I think I 'm pretty good at it.As I was walking home from my first day of school I was so thankful to be going home I just wanted to see my dog Luna my cat Ginger and go into my room and hide for hours while I draw whatever came to my mind something cute, something deep, something totally random. As I walked into my front door my mom, dad and my sister all greeted me and ask how my first day was I told them it was perfect although I was lying inside I hated my new school mostly because I knew nobody. After I told them how my day was perfectly fine I ran upstairs to my new room I jumped on my bed that was
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