My Ideal Career As An Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship Career Entrepreneurs are business builders who make their own business. Over time, business owners create corporations where they work with other individuals. This career is important because business owners offer employment to other individuals which helps the economy. A pro of becoming an entrepreneur is that you make your ideas become reality, while leading your business ("Becoming an Entrepreneur”). My ideal career choice is entrepreneurship because I can have flexible working hours, is one of the best paid careers on business, also my personality character concords with this career. Entrepreneurs have the choice of when or what time assist to work. My mother Sandra is a good example since she only works on the weekends. However, during weekdays she supplies and distributes merchandise to two differents store locations. For each entrepreneur their schedule varies depending of their dedication. On the weekends my mom works from 8:00 A.M - 3:00 P.M. My mom is encharged of investing money on merchandise, labelling prices on items, and developing ideas for advertising. A total of 5 employes help her daily to make her business grow. My mother as an entrepreneur is her own boss. In addition, entrepreneurs work up to 17 hours based on the schedule they set for their company. Many entrepreneurs work from home and dedicate most of their time to the company. However, some like to start up their day by meditating or going to the gym ("A Typical Day“). Doing

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