A Life Changing Event

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Life changing event In life, everybody has that one moment that changes their whole world upside down. For my family and I, moving to America on 24th March of 2015 from my motherland India was that moment. I never in 17 years of my life left my small town in Gujarat, India. Now suddenly, we got the visa and my family was too excited about the big move. Although I had a wonderful opportunity of moving to America with my family, it came with my challenges like leaving behind relationships and lifestyle, language barrier, and new responsibilities. To begin with, leaving all the relationships, culture and lifestyle in India was one of the most challenging aspects of migrating to America. When I moved to America …show more content…

In the beginning, it was difficult for us to find an apartment and new jobs. We used to live with our uncle since we weren’t aware of the leasing process of an apartment. We lived them for 4 months until I could find an apartment in our budget and near regular stores and rest of our family. While we lived with them, I helped my mother get a job at Home Care Agency and my father at the warehouse. I also got a part-time job at the gas station for the weekend, so it doesn’t influence my grades and education. In addition, my uncle taught me how to save by going to stores like Aldi and Costco for groceries. I never went grocery shopping once in India because over there it was something that mostly mothers did. Mom’s in India would go alone or with their friends to buy groceries for their house. I never went to buy those items for my house, now suddenly the I was supposed to budget out all our household expenses and income. Also, I have never been to the bank in India, now I found myself managing all our accounts and paying bills. In addition, finishing up my education and becoming a doctor was not anymore, a goal but a responsibility. After seeing my father from being a warehouse owner to now being a worker in a warehouse and my mother being a housewife to now working woman, my education was the only way I can help them get their comfortable lifestyle

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