Being A Disabled Child Essay

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My Mother was my protector, my guardian and my everything in the early stage of my life. She would take me on walks through mountains, wash my scraped knees, play with me till I fell asleep and deal with me when I finally woke. My mum’s love showed no bounds. I recently watched some video tapes on a camcorder of my toddler years and I loved seeing the joy and excitement on my face as my Mum twirled me through the air in her loving arms. I was a voyager and she was the launch pad into a whole new world of adventures and warmth. I am glad that I was brought up with such affection and compassion because I know that in the end, thanks to my parents efforts, I’ve turned out alright and had a wonderful childhood. Nonetheless, the innocence of children…show more content…
I know it seems like a selfish thing but pushing a wheelchair can make you feel very self conscious and aware of your surroundings and it doesn’t help when you accidently ram it into someone ankles and they make it seem like it was their fault when it was clearly mine. After years of being in public with my mum you learn to appreciate that most just ignore you and are content at being just another face in a crowd which is perfect as you can just get on with your day. However you do get people who will stare at my mum with looks of pity and make insensitive comments like “we don’t realise how lucky we are” which ridiculously condescending and thoughtless - it is the equivalent to saying I 'm better than you in another form. You learn to ignore people’s dumb unthoughtful comments and just move on in life and it puts things in perspective to me that this is the kind of nonsense that disabled people will have to deal with on a daily basis on top of the other hurdles they already have to get over. In conclusion, I feel living with my mum has changed me as a person and has shaped what I am now. I feel that thanks to being brought up in a different environment than most I have become a more round individual than I would be otherwise and that I am more compassionate to other people 's opinions and

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