My Cultural Identity Essay

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Cultural identity is what you believe makes you, you. Culture identity can very into many different fields and areas of your life. My cultural identities are food, and dress clothes. Food in general around the world is unique to one's own culture. Im 100% salvadorian and to me food is the number one priority of everything. The style that you dress is also representing in some ways where one is from. I dress formal or not in a sloppy style. All this things contribute to my own cultural identity.
In the city la Libertad, El Salvador, my birthplace, there is this place called, “Mi Lindo Cuscatlan.” That place was a very famous place for cooking with such a perfection that it was packed every time I went. My favorite thing to get is an enormous plate called “Cielo Mar y Tierra.” The translation for that a, “ Sky sea and ground.” it includes half a chicken ¼ lbs of steak and 5 pan fried shrimp. The name is sky sea and ground which the chicken stands for the sky, as a bird, the steak is the ground, as the cow can’t fly it stays …show more content…

I have always loved to dress nice and presentable when I go to church and when I go on wednesday to lapd cadets , Los Angeles Police Department cadets, I have to look presentable. The way I dress is how I want people to recognize me. If I dress all sloppy people might get the wrong image of me. I want to be a respectful person and if I dress nice and appropriate people will take me serious. I have been dressing formal since I was very little. My mom made sure she taught me how to dress nice. In conclusion I take food and clothes very serious because there have been times where I haven’t had food to eat or clothes to put on. This make a huge part of my cultural identity because I have grown up with very special moments that are within this two elements. Cultural identity one’s own feelings of what makes you, you. You make your own identity because you can’t make others feel what you feel about certain

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