My Really Big Shoe Analysis

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Adjust- Evaluate- Learn
In the process of writing my Really Big Shoe, I have learned that one obstacle that I have not anticipated was the lack of organization of the structure of my paper. My writing displayed poor structure and organization, causing my paper to lose clarity; while I have a clear idea of the outcomes that I want, there is a difference in between having a clear idea and a structure for the composition of the paper. In order to deal with this obstacle I had to modify my plan of action, instead of starting to write my Really Big Shoe, I started by developing an outline for my paper. The introduction was a difficult part because I was uncertain about how to approach it, at first, I decided to start with an anecdote but instead, I incorporated an introduction that would give meaning to my thesis statement.
In regards to to the work effort that I have invested in my writing as part of my personal evaluation the general criteria for my is primarily based on staying on schedule and applying critical thinking to my paper , …show more content…

My value judgement for my use of clarity in my paper is an 8 out of 10. since I acknowledge that when I first wrote my Begin with the End in Mind paper, I found that it was not clear to my readers as I thought because they did not understand what my subject or topic was as well as they did not have an idea of what my main claim was; for this reason, I have added similes and background information on my paper in the process of writing my Really Big Shoe in an effort to make my statements as clear as possible. For instance, in the statement “Children and juveniles like clay can be molded by crafts maker- such as their parents, school, friends, and mass media.” I made a comparison between the children and juveniles to clay because they are both malleable by

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