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Before I begin my self-care plan, I want to explain my intention through the self-care plan. My intention is to address three areas which NIOSH has identified are important for a self-care plan: balance between work and family or personal life; a support network of friends and coworkers; and a relaxed and positive outlook. I intend to address one current self-care item and one future self-care item. I have used the treatment goal format which is currently utilized at my agency which includes the following sections: problem, goal, plan, and strengths.
• Balance between work and family or personal life
Problem 1: I rarely tell my mom no out of fear how she will react which occasionally leads me to feeling stressed and overwhelmed when I realize …show more content…

Plan: The next time my mom asks me to join her for an event; I will tell her “let me get back to you,” to provide myself time to check in with myself and my schedule agreeing.
Strengths: I have become increasingly good at sending boundaries with work and internship and I think this skill translates into my personal life.
Problem 2: I do not frequently exercise because I feel too busy with school, work, internship, and school; lack of exercise leaves me dealing with: obesity, lowered health, and muscle stiffness from inactivity.
Goal: My goal is to begin adding exercise into my weekly routine.
Plan: I will begin by adding 10 minutes of moderate exercise to my weekly routine on 3 days of the week.
Strengths: I have successfully begun a work-out routine by starting small and adding time each week in the past and I believe I can successfully start small.
• A support network of friends and coworkers
Problem 1: Avoiding hot-button topics with co-workers and supervisors leads to unresolved thoughts and feelings which creates emotional stress and alienates me.
Goal: My goals it to begin to address hot-button topics with co-workers and …show more content…

Plan: I plan to reach out to two friends per week via telephone, text, or in-person to spend time investing in my friends.
Strengths: I value friendships.
• A relaxed and positive outlook
Problem 1: When I schedule clients and group with no break in-between, my stress level increases which makes it difficult to remain positive and increases the likelihood that I will have a difficult time relaxing at the end of the day.
Goal: My goal is to remain cognizant of my need for a slight break between clients and to arrange my schedule around this need.
Plan: My goal is to schedule no more than 25% of my caseload back-to-back. My current caseload is eight clients, groups, or intakes a week and therefore, I will not schedule more than two back-to-back sessions in one week.
Strengths: I recognize my own need in my caseload and have the flexibility to schedule my caseload in a constructive manner.
Problem 2: When I set do not adequately communicate that I need time alone to my family, I lose time to relax and rejuvenate myself which impacts my ability to stay

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