Nature And Architecture: The Relationship Between Human And Nature

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The relationship between human and nature has evolved from the beginning of creation starting as early as Adam 's sons, learning the burial rituals from imitating the raven (Quran surah Al Maedah 27-31), emphasizing by this act the fact that we are all made from dust and to dust we shall return, closing the loop of the eco system of human life. From then on the relationship changed from fear to imitating nature, where Cavemen were able to learn many things from observing natures species and by they were able to compromise fear of the unknown and lack of knowledge. Ancient Egyptian, Greeks, early inventors and engineers have also turned to nature for inspiration and ideas (Rust, 2011).
From the history of architecture, it is clear that architecture is started by getting help from nature to use it directly or getting idea from it but as the technology is developed its affect on humans life and also architecture and day by day architecture is getting far away from the nature, but also fortunately as it’s getting away from nature the architects and engineers are feeling that by forgetting the nature their products are guzzling the nature and without nature we cannot be also; so they try to get back to nature and find their solutions in it. (ArashVahedi, 2009)
In the history of architecture, several movements have taken their own approaches to nature, and famous architects such as Alvar Alto, Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier have laid emphasis on this connection. As a highly

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