Cyber Bullying Vs Traditional Bullying

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The rapid technological development makes various electronic devices available, such as smart phone, computers, and pads. These devices have become an indispensable part in people’s life and largely change how people live, work, and interact with others. Although the advent of the Internet and technological development make it convenient for people to keep in touch with others, it provides a platform for bullying which negatively affect children and teenagers and the new form is called cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can be more harmful than traditional bullying and it poses a larger threat to people’s physical and mental health, especially children and teenagers. In addition, cyber bullying shows an increasing tendency and the rate of cyber…show more content…
A study among 84 teenagers revealed that about half of the participants had been suffer from cyber bullying (Schultze-Krumbholz et al. 148). It is a problem that is worth of attention because it is harmful to youth. Victims of cyber bullying usually suffer from psychological problems, such as stress, depression, and loneliness (Schultze-Krumbholz et al. 148). Cyber bullying is usually associated with the spreading of evaluation, photos, and videos of victims. The information is often negative and causes harm to victims and damages their reputation. Cyber bullying can be associated with traditional bullying which involves violence and abuse and causes physical harms. The academic performance becomes worse because victims cannot concentrate on studying at school (Stauffer et al. 354). Being affected by the negative and harmful information, victims can lose confidence in themselves and even in their life. The information haunts and they cannot focus on studying at…show more content…
Parents need to support and help children when they encounter some problems. Lizzie Velasquez is a victim of cyber bullying and she is called the world’s ugliest women. A video of Lizzie is spread on YouTube and many viewers criticize and even curse her. At first, she felt hurt and depressed. Her parents show abundant love, encouragement, and support for her. Lizzie said that it was her parents’ attitude that enabled her to think positively about cyber bullying (Hawkins). If Lizzie’s parents had not given her continuous support or encouragement, it would be difficult for her to cope with the harmful bullying and develop a positive attitude toward her life. Therefore, when children suffer from cyber bullying, parents need to care and support them to minimize the negative

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