Crack And Cocaine Essay

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Drugs these days have been increasing and have been used as a negative factor. The main dangerous drugs I will be talking about is crack and cocaine. They may appear similar when glancing at it, but there is many differences between the two drugs that people should be more aware about when it comes down to their function and its effect within the body.
Crack and Cocaine have basically the same side effect within the human body. Even through crack is heat resistant and cocaine is destroyed by heat they both cause hypertension. It also causes physiological and psychological damage. For example, aggressive behavior, hallucination, psychosis, paranoia and if overdose it can cause cardiac collapse or convulsion. Also it can increase heart rate, …show more content…

Also cocaine was used as a medicine to treat sinus illnesses, for eye, nose and also throat surgery. It was also administered to slaves to work longer and a cure for morphine addiction. Cocaine was really popular in the 1970s among the upper class, celebrities and fans. But there were consequence that cause people to loss there jobs, saving accounts, family trust, health risk and overdosing. Crack existed in the early 1980s in a inner city among the lower class. Packed in small pieces called rocks for 5 dollar each. People found themselves smoking hundreds of dollar within these product and resorting to crime fund because of their habits
The effect cocaine and crack have within the society is that addiction lead to not being productive, increase crime, costs for treatment and law enforcement, decrease productivity in workplace, more homeless. They alot that plays using these dangerous drugs.

In conclusion, although there are similarities and differences. Both of them having basically the same side effects, physiological problems also that the drug can be addicting. It also differs from pure cocaine and have a different method into the body. Therefore it 's important for us to know the dangerous factor, it play especially when it comes down to people using these drugs since drugs these days are one of the main problems within the society we live in

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