Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games

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Should children be even allowed to play video games? Children all around the globe grow up playing video games, especially the violent games, for it is a way for them to relax and learn new things. Violent video games are said to be a new type of violent media with a relatively small literature negative effects compared to television and film literature negative effects (Carnagey & Anderson, 2005).While most people argue that playing violent video games is bad for children, some people argue it is actually useful in several ways: helps them develop real-life skills, teach about action and consequence, and help develop multi-tasking skills. On one hand, some people believe that playing video games can be advantageous for children in many different ways. Violent video games can help children develop real-life skills, such as increasing memory and making strategies, which can benefit them in their studies as well as overcoming difficult challenges. Some people call this developing “telescoping” as the player must deal with instant problems while keeping main goals on his horizon. It can train children brain to react faster without losing accuracy, as well as train the brain to come up with artistic ways to resolve puzzles. Playing violent video games such as call of duty can encourage perseverance, which refers to keep on going no matter how many times one falls. Violent video games provide children the opportunity to explore virtual consequences of violent actions.
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