School Should Start Later Essay

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Most teens think that school should start later in the morning but simply that would not make any since. Starting school later in the morning would make after school activities go way to late meaning there would be no after school activities, if there was after school activities there would be no time for social/family time when you would get home from those activities which could be bad for communication skills later in life , and lastly even if school started later teens would not go to bed any earlier they would still go to bed at the same time as they normally do. Current school schedules need to stay the same for junior high and high school students and not start later in the morning. In the first place, teens should be able to have the option of doing after school activities, but if you start the school later in the morning there would be very little time for those activities. “It is difficult to squeeze …show more content…

“If we decided to fit the school day around kids who can’t get out of bed. Starting late would mean finishing late, so teenagers would simply go to bed even later. Argue that delaying school times would simply cause most teenagers’ internal clocks to drift later, and in a matter of weeks they would find it just as hard to get out of bed” (Bernard Trafford par. 8). Having school start later it would just mean that teens would go to bed at the same late time or even later which would mean they wouldn’t have anymore sleep then they had gotten before. Pushing back the school starting times would not do anything for the amount of sleep the teens would get. There would be some teens that would go to bed at a good time and get more sleep and that would help them with their grades, but every few would do that because most teens are addicted to their phones/electronics so they would stay up on their electronics and not go to bed till later in the

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