Persuasive Essay: Why Should School Start Later?

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When i was starting middle school i had to wake up an hour earlier which made me feel more tired causing me to want to sleep during class. Ring ring my alarm was going off at 7:00 to get ready for school it felt like i had just gone to bed. I wake up and is half asleep just barely getting through the day. I would be going to class tired and not able to focus missing some of the lesson that was being taught. If i could wake up later then i would be more focused during class and could get better grades. More schools should start later because it would help their students health and grades be better. With other people think that schools shouldn’t start later. Schools should start later because it would help increase a person 's health. According to Bright and Early.. Or not by The Associated Press it states, “ In fact, research from countries around the world—including the U.S., Brazil, Italy, and Israel—confirms that adolescents who get enough sleep are healthier overall.’’ This piece of text is showing how studies done in multiple places proves that teens who get enough sleep are healthier. This relates back to the claim that schools should start later because if school were to start later than teens would be able to get more sleep by not having to wake up so early then their health would start to improve. The article Bright and Early..or not also states the following, “ "Essentially, across the board, any domain that you look at improves pretty dramatically" with later

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