Persuasive Essay On Why School Should Start Later

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6:30 AM. Rrrrrrrriiiiiinnnnggggg!! That sound blares through your head and through your bedroom. Still groggy minded and tired you get up and get ready for school even though its early. The thought Ughhh I hate school goes through your mind. This is the thought for every kid that goes to school. Early start times for school is an issue because students don’t get enough sleep and are still tired so don’t do good at school. Some say that school starting earlier gives more time for the students extracurricular activities and homework. Still, school should start later on because it approves their attendance, decreased car accidents, and teens acquire more knowledge this way.

To begin with, later school times approves the attendance of students. DO YOUR …show more content…

This supports the claim of making school start later in the day because it shows that moving the start of school to a later time increased the attendance of students and enlarged the sleep that they get making them ready for the next day of school. In addition, making school start at a later time decreased the number of car accidents. Car accidents are an of the leading reasons of death with 1.3 million people dying from them a year. In side of the article it said that when the school time changed from 7:30 to 8:30 “a decrease was found in car accidents for 16-18 years olds” while the other schools who didn’t change their time “rates actually increased… for 17-18 year olds”. This shows that school should start at a later time since it shows clearly in the evidence that there are less people that get killed or injured in a car accident rather than those who go to school earlier. Lastly, school should start at a later time because students absorb more knowledge

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