Why We Should Start Later In School

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You wake up early in the morning to go to school. You slowly roll out of bed and try to get up and ready for the day wondering what is so important that you have to get up so early in the morning. Slowly trudging your way down stairs and out the door off to school you wonder if you will even get up tomorrow. This is a common problem among most teenagers and school aged children. This problem is getting up for school early in the morning. There is a debate surrounding when schools should start for kids. School needs to start later for teens. Increased sleep will benefit young adults health. It will also help more teens succeed in school. Although other people believe schools should start early for more time to do homework and other …show more content…

A quote from the Achieve 3000 article “Bright and Early...or Not?” states that, “Starting later isn 't the cure for all teen health and academic problems, the AAP said. But it can improve students ' lives in many ways.” In short this shows how later start times will help adolescents in the classroom. The young adults will be more attentive and it will improve their grades. This will benefit the schools as well because the kids will do better on standardized tests and it will improve the schools academic rating. These young teens will be able to pass more classes and be more successful after high school moving on to things like college and other things. Another quote from “Bright and Early...or Not?” state that, “that adolescents who get enough sleep are healthier overall. They also do better in school.” This illustrates how it is knowledge that kids whoo kid more sleep succeed. More sleep would benefit kids in many ways and improve the quality learning that they do almost every day. They would be more successful in class and life. It would benefit them because they could now get into the college they want to and that would set them up for success. The increased sleep would improve their test scores and grades in classes. The final quote from “Support for sleeping in? Half of parents favor later school start times for teens” by the Mental Health Weekly Digest says that, “Lack of sleep has been linked to mental health problems, increased risk of motor vehicle accidents and a decline in school performance.” In other words this explains that not school and other things are benefited by more sleep. If teens get more sleep then they will do better in school and will be safer around school. This will improve all aspect of school grades, test, and behavior. That will lead to more successful students and more teens going off to college. The benefits of

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