New England Colonies Characteristics

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As a result of my research on the assets found in the New England Colonies, I’ve found both positive and negative factors that could impact the result of relying on their region for aid. Based on these findings, the New England Colonies have different characteristics such as geography, climate, politics, economics, specializations, resources, and society that each affect the amount of trust we can permit them with as a beneficial aspect to our cause. After traveling through their region, it has been noted that the climate consists of short, yet moderate summers, and long, cold winters. This could be of service to us due to the enemy’s lack of knowledge on the subject, leading them to dress with inappropriate attire for battle, and overall …show more content…

Politically, they hold a strong system that somewhat relies on our government’s church. They also get monitored by the church leaders who have already earned our trust through their services. Though this is true, the other part of their political system is reliant on the colonist’s decisions, which could cause problems when it comes to controlling them and counting on their loyalty. They could rebel or attempt at becoming more separated and independent, which could alter our trust entirely on their region. This would be a great challenge for us. We could solve this by creating laws or acts to prevent them from taking too much liberal freedom, or we could take to highly monitoring the events of their village political body. Socially, the colonists from small villages can be counted on for both protection and service because of their beliefs. They are more trustworthy, but that excludes the unloyal groups of people worshipping separately and the colonists living in big cities who have broadened ideas of religion that are outside our way of worshipping. These colonists could easily cause an outrage, and that would hinder our efforts. Like I have stated before, we need to establish a stronger bond between them and the church so that they will be forced to help us as a full and complete community. The other problem caused by the separatists could be fixed by finding a way to allow these groups a way to practice their beliefs independently in exchange for their services to help us. When it comes to their specializations, they would serve a great deal to our cause because of the various natural and human resources in their region. They’d contribute to both our naval supplies and ship count. Despite how well off we could be by taking these resources, we would need a different food supplier due to their climate. They have an interdependence with other

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