Nikola Tesla's Accomplishments

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Nikola Tesla There are so many people in life who inspire us. These people impact the world in a great and a helping way by helping people who follow their dreams, do what they believe is good, and overcome bad things that happen in life. Nikola Tesla shows these traits by making crazy inventions. Nikola Tesla is influential because of his technique to work by himself, his work for us to gain more knowledge about electricity, and his success creating inventions. Nikola Tesla is courageous because he left Thomas Edison’s company because he got mad at him, he also was brave enough to handle enough electricity to make the remote control, and with that courage he also made wires, electrical motors, and the radio. Nikola Tesla is courageous…show more content…
The first accomplishment was when he created a brushless AC motor “He came up with the idea for a brushless AC motor.” This is an accomplishment because he was the first to create the brushless AC motor. Another one of Nikola Tesla’s accomplishments are, “The Nikola Tesla is one of the most distinguished honors presented by the Institute of electrical engineers.” This shows that an award named after him means it’s an award for him. There is even a statue named after him on goat island “The Nikola Tesla statue is located on goat island to honor Nikola Tesla.” That shows that he got a statue for him which means that’s a huge…show more content…
A piece of evidence is when he finished the power generators for New York “Within a few years the numbers of generators at Niagara falls reached the planned ten, and power lines were electrifying New York.”This explains that he had a good legacy and good intentions for the world. His legacy also includes his research for making electrical current go in the air “But these discoveries in 1890, when he illuminated a vacuum tube wirelessly-having transmitted energy through the air.” That also explains how his legacy went on and finding new ways for electricity to travel. Nikola Tesla’s legacy also when on when he tried to create a death beam “Tesla stated that the death beam would make war impossible by offering every country an invisible Chinese wall.” That explains how Nikola Tesla’s legacy went on helping us all. That also explains how Nikola Tesla’s legacy, accomplishments, and courageous acts. In conclusion, Nikola Tesla was very influential in life. He had a great skill to work alone, he was a big part of life and making electricity more able to handle, and he was great and successful being able to handle electricity and the obstacles life gave him. If you knew about the struggles of handling electricity or even starting it at that early age of America and know Thomas Edison’s impact, then you would know and feel how important Nikola Tesla really
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