Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment

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For this Mashup I used the homophones dear, deer, sun and son. I chose these homophones because I felt like they would provide me with many different options of websites and facts for my assignment. For the first term son, the definition is a child that is a boy that belongs to a family. For my websites embedded in my Mashup I provided one that included the definition of son, so that the student could see what a son is. I also provided the learner with different ways to say son in other languages because I felt like that may be neat for them to know. My next link was a little information on the Sons of Liberty because they helped America get to the place that it is today and even though they were not blood related, they were related because …show more content…

My own definition for the word sun is that the sun is what helps earth have heat, it is made up of different gases and is very useful and harmful for earth. For the word Sun, I provided a link that just tells facts about the sun that earth sees, like that it is the largest object in our solar system. Next is provided a link for the learner to know what the sun is made out of and it is made up of different gases within several layers. I also provide a cool link that tells how close a human could get to the sun and not die. My last link before my common link is a link that takes the learner to a romance story of how the …show more content…

A deer is a mammal that is is found in the woods and is often hunted for recreational use. My first link is a site that tells the learner different facts about deer, just because facts are often fun to know. The next link is about the biggest deer ever killed because in North Carolina deer hunting is very popular and everyone wants to kill a big buck. I then provided a link that shows which species of deer are endangered because they may be overpopulated in North Carolina that does not mean that they are everywhere. I also provided a site that talks about white-tail deer in North Carolina. My link for that is shared is a letter written to a deer from a bear and the very first line says “Dear Deer” and that gives the student a way to see both of the words. For Dear, my personal definition is a word to address someone or a pet name for them. My first link is the common Dear Abby site because everyone has just about heard of it and each letter begins with Dear Abby. Next is a letter written to Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt on February 12, 1938 and it too begins with Dear Mrs. Roosevelt. I also provide a link to take the reader to the definition of dear so that they can see what it really means. I also put the link to Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor because most students will know that

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