Nt1310 Unit 6 Exercise

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16. Exercise Okay, so it might not be busy to fit in exercise while you’re at work but don’t panic just yet. Just get up and stretch your legs around the office and work in a stretch or two. If you can get a private spot you can throw in some jumping jacks and a few pushups, too. 17. Social Network If you work in an environment where there isn’t much opportunity for social networking, then ensure you have a strong social network outside of work. Whether that means you catch up on your lunch break with a friend or you spend more time with them in your off hours, it’s important that you keep those connections strong. When you do make a friend at work make sure you get at least one break together each day – it could be the difference between …show more content…

All you need to do is sit comfortably and conjure up a peaceful image in your head. It can be a vacation spot you are desperate to visit or a happy memory that brings you peace. Either way, visualize it and feel your stress melt away. This is also effective for visualizing future goals. 19. Mindful Snacking We mentioned above how stress can fuel poor eating choices, but mindful snacking is a great way to beat that. Choose something that will satiate you, like nuts, a boiled egg, or even half of an avocado. Don’t eat your snack at your desk, sit in a quiet spot to enjoy it and focus on what you’re eating. Your stress snack just became a quick meditation session. 20. Plants Not only will a bit of greenery improve the quality of air in the office, it will also provide you with a boost in mood and help relieve stress. Just having plants around you is enough to relax you. A plant can increase your productivity and attentiveness, relieve anxiety, improve blood pressure levels, and even improve how satisfied you are at work. Consider an aloe plant, a peace lily, bamboo, or even philodendron. just make sure you choose one that is suitable to your office, and what shade of green your thumb

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