Nursing Ethics: The Code Of Ethics In Nursing

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Code of ethics is a primary goal in the nurses’ life that provides the value of the profession which points to the acceptance of the responsibilities and trust which nurses have developed with their patients and the society (Burkhardt, Nathaniel, & Walton, 2014, p. 195). “The code guides ethical relationships, responsibilities, behaviors, and decision-making, and used in conjunction with the professional standards, law and regulations that guide practice” (CNA, 2008, p. 2).
Maintaining privacy and confidentiality is the primary ethical issue presented in the case scenario. As a nurse, it is essential to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the patient by following ethical values, as the patient has the right to keep the situation confidential (CNO, 2009, p.7). Confidentiality is “keeping personal information private related to the physical, psychological, social health of clients, and any information collected during providing nursing services” (CNO, 2009, p.7). In everyday life, nurses attend to ethics by following the rules, in which they carry their daily interaction, including how they approach and reflect on their ethical commitment they made with their patients (Stamler, Yiu, & Dosani, 2016, p.90). Based on the case scenario, it is not a dilemma as ethical dilemma arises when moral claims conflict with each other (Stamler et al., 2016, p.90). In this case scenario, the information was not shared with the friend, and the information was kept confidential based on

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