Obesity In America Essay

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According to the latest statistics from various sources, 1 out of 3 kids are obese in America and obesity is gradually becoming more and more common as it affects 37 percent of all adults and nearly 18 percent of all children in America (Yaniv and Rosin, 2009). The problem of obesity is also rising in parts of the developing world, as income levels rise and people have access to fattier products. In fact, the percentage of adult obesity has more than doubled while children’s obesity rates have more than tripled within the past thirty years around the globe (Yaniv and Rosin, 2009). However, despite the rise in global obesity rates, an alarming estimate of about 112,000 deaths are associated with obesity each in the U.S. alone. One of the chief causes is many people suffering from obesity do not make healthy food choices (Sturm, Powell, Chriqui and Chaloupka, 2010). This is largely because it is less time consuming and less expensive too eat unhealthy. Poorer consumers are often price sensitive to …show more content…

As previously mentioned, there is a growing epidemic in the country with regards to obesity and there is also a crippling problem with the ability to deliver health care to many others across the country. As the growing rate of obesity and other health related illness like diabetes and heart disease continues to climb over the years, health care will feel considerable pressure to be able to respond to these challenges (Yaniv and Rosin, 2009). Moreover, resources are currently overwhelmed with emergency services being sorely underfunded and lacking the ability to manage new patient inflows. Moreover, routine medical procedures for patients, even normal check-ups, will start be pushed back as more resources are devoted to illnesses that could have been preventable through better and healthier food choices (Eisenberg, Atallah, and Grandi,

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