Essay On Group Observation

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There are 33 students, 20 girls and 13 boys in this class. The analysis consists of two parts, the first one is the observation and the second one is the final results obtained.
The activities in classroom consisted of a quiz by listening and speaking training. Both genders had many opportunities to practice speaking English in class. The teacher adopted the role as the host of the quiz, to see if all the students participate. The whole class was divided into two large groups, in this case, boys and girls. They had to compete on guessing the meaning of words that they got from the listening. The teacher had all the words, so one student had to take one word from the teacher and used it in a sentence in English, and then the other members of the group guessed what meaning of that word was. The
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She left the students to make their own groups in order they feel good and comfortable to work with they want. She used various teaching methods to motivate every student to speak more or read more in English, for example, group discussions which increase understanding of the material, as well as group presentations, with the aim to encourage students to practice the second language as much as possible and to guarantee a good environment of participation.
Some differences have taken place in each classroom depending on the role that the teacher assume with the students. The observations in Class 1 show that girls prefer speaking in English class. Boys, on the other hand, want to have the attention of the teacher to be as equal as girls because the teacher was seen as closer to girls. The findings in Class 2 obviously show that girls speakers are who dominate the class. Teacher’s role was to distribute the turns because she knew that there were groups too shy to stand up for
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