Observation Of Language In Children

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Name of Observer: Stephany Vanessa Quintero Galaviz Name of Child Observed: Rachel (fake name) Child’s Age: 4 Date and time: February 25, 2016 at 5:15 p.m. Location/Setting: Child’s home in her playroom Developmental Domain Observed: Language Identify the Purpose of this Observation: To understand the child’s ability to use language and communicate Include the Questions that were answered by the Observation (based on the developmental domain you observed): How does the child use language to communicate? How can errors in the use of language reveal the child’s progress in refining language? Description of Observation: write notes on activities, behaviors, and interactions observed Interpretations: identify interpretations and support interpretations with facts. Include comments on the child’s development, knowledge, skills Interpretations should reflect your understanding of the young children’s stage of development observed. …show more content…

She shows her brothers the staking ring she is playing with and says: Mira, I am building and stacks the rings. Then, starts counting the rings as she points, she says one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. She gave the rings to her brothers, and grabs two cars. Her mom asks hers: What is this car called: Rachel replies: A taxi. It’s yellow, there is a girl right there and there is boys. Y luego the racecar and is green. I am there (she points to the taxi) and my mom and nana in the racecar goes fast. Rachel shows her brothers the toys and presses the taxis button (which has a song explaining T). Rachel responds T Taxi, T for tooth

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