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RESEARCH ARTICLE “Effect of temperature with different time interval on Salmonella.typhi introduced in avian meat”
Conducted by: Dr. Urooj zafar
Prepared by: Mehar.un. Nisa
Submitted Date: 22/Oct/2016
Course Title: Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases
Course Code MIC-646

Research article
Effect of temperature with different time interval on Salmonella.typhi introduced in avian meat
Mehar.un. Nisa --student of M.Sc. (Final) Evening Program-2016
Department of Microbiology, University of Karachi, Sindh Pakistan

Keywords: salmonellosis, heat resistant stain, avian strain
Of Approximately pure culture of salmonella. Typhi, representing 5 different temperatures with different time interval none was found to be as heat resistant, the strain is used more heat sensitive at above 55◦C temperature.
Salmonella are primary pathogens of many animals (e.g.; poultry, cows, pigs, reptiles, etc.) and are the principal source of the non-typhoidal salmonellosis in Humans. Human infections with salmonella are most commonly caused by ingestion of focally contaminated …show more content…

It includes more than 2,400 distinct serotypes, most of which show little specificity for their host species. However, certain S. enterica and S. enterica serovars are found in a particular host in which they cause diseases. Salmonella Typhimurium is also the causative agent of avian salmonellosis in wild birds, a nonenteric disease. Although S. Typhimurium is typically thought to have a wide host range, strain-host relationships Salmonella Typhimurium causes the majority of avian salmonellosis outbreaks and can cause high mortality rates in affected songbirds and aquatic birds. The epidemiology of S. Typhimurium and the population impacts of salmonellosis for group of birds; however, reports indicate that incidents of avian salmonellosis are on the

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