O. J Simpson's Influence On Pop Culture

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Before June 12, 1994, O.J Simpson, or “The Juice” was a formal National Football League running back, broadcaster, actor, and advertising spokesman. But Sunday night, June 12, 1994, O.J Simpson, the well-known celebrity’s reputation changed dramatically. This change of reputation put an impact on pop culture by becoming a daily quest to find the truth behind what happened on June 12, 1994, and potentially influencing others throughout currently cultures. In a small, nearly enclosed areas near the front gate, the man brutally slashed Nicole, almost detached her neck from her body. Then he struggled to repeatedly stab Ronald Goldman thirty times, who was a twenty-five-year old acquaintance of Nicole’s, who had come to her apartment to return…show more content…
Reporters and camera people coverage for what a local writer called the “Super Bowl of murder trials.” Christopher Darden, the prosecutor representing the state, led off the prosecution’s opening statement by labeling Simpson as an abusive husband and a jealous lover of Nicole Brown Simpson. Darden told the jurors, “if he couldn’t have her, he didn’t want anybody else to have her.” The next day, Johnie Cochran, OJ’s lawyer, gave an opening statement for the defense in which he presented a confused timeline of events and suggested he was so crippled by “arthritis” that he couldn’t possibly do a double murder. Cochran told the jury the defense would prove the evidence was “contaminated, compromised, and ultimately corrupted.” Over the several days of the trials, the prosecution put forward 72 witnesses. The first set of witnesses suggested that Simpson had the motive and the opportunity to kill. The second set suggested that Simpson had in fact used his opportunity to kill his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman. The first group of witness included relatives and friends of Nicole, friend of OJ and a 9-1-1 dispatcher, all produced to demonstrate Simpsons motive and his history of domestic abuse. Nicole’s sister, described seeing OJ at a dance recital for his daughter, on the day of the murder. She testified that Simpson looked “scary” like a “madman.” The night of the murder, OJ grabbed his ex’s wives crouch stating, “this sis where…show more content…
The jury spent only three hours deliberating the case that had produced over 100 witnesses over the several days. The day of October 3, 1995, the jury declared O.J Simpson not guilty of murder. Simpson announced after the verdict that he would dedicate the rest of his life to tracking down the real killer of his ex-wife. But in today’s society, the main talk is “O.J Simpson is out of jail,” so what brought O.J Simpson to getting

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