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Olivia is a bright and happy member of the class. She is polite and helpful and enjoys having one to one conversations with the adults in the room from time to time. She has a firm group of friends who she plays well with and has been a fair and helpful peacemaker, at times, when playtime has become a little fraught. In lessons and in none curricular activities Olivia has always been enthusiastic to show her previous knowledge and has built on it well in all lessons over the year. I often use Olivia as my little model in writing adjectives but mainly in gymnastics where I often get her to demonstrate some of her fantastic gymnastic moves that I can’t quite get into. She supports other children with their understanding in lessons which has been a great beginning to her consolidating her knowledge but also teaching others in a child friendly way. …show more content…

She can predict what might happen next in the story, on what has been read so far. She can also make links between the book she is reading and other books she has read. Olivia reads the majority of words without the need to blend but is able to phonics and the knowledge of what she has already read in the book to read unfamiliar words. It has been great to see Olivia reading complex books independently and asking questions about them. All of which means that Olivia is working at greater depth within her reading. It is always a pleasure to listen to her read. Keep up the super reading Olivia! Olivia is working at greater depth within her writing as she has made super progress in the imagination and creativity in her story writing which is always a joy to read. Olivia’s writing is also very neat and beautifully joined. Olivia’s next steps are to consolidate her knowledge of using apostrophes for possession in her independent writing consistently.

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