Openness Personality Development

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Development is the concepts that similar to ‘change’ which involves movement from one stage to another stage. As a result, an interest in development leads one to a concern for transitions. According to Papalia, Olds & Feldman (2007), it is also the process of change and stability that occur throughout the human life span while development of children’s learning and cognition are depend on social interactions with adults.
In this assignment, our group is going to emphasize on the cognitive development and personality development. Cognitive development refer to the changes and stability in children’s mental abilities on learning, memory, language, thinking and creativity while in personality development we are focusing on the openness
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Merging study of temperament will lead to a better understanding of personality structure across childhood (Jennifer, Helena, Raymond, James, Charles, Spencer, Vassilis, Elias 2012)
Most of personality traits investigate with the Five-Factor Model (FFM) which are neuroticism reflects the presence and effects of negative affect such as anger. Second, extraversion reflects energetic and positive emotions (Mari, Pehr, Gunilla and Berit, 2013). Thirdly, agreeableness refers to the tendency to be compassionate, empathetic, and cooperative towards others (Mari, Pehr, Gunilla and Berit, 2013). Fourth, conscientiousness captures socially prescribed impulse control, the tendency to act in task- directed and goal-directed ways, and to be able to delay gratification (Mari, Pehr, Gunilla and Berit,
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The main subjects for the children are Moral, Math, Malay, English, Science and Mandarin. Even though the syllabus needs to follow the rules governed, but the teaching way depends on the kindergarten management and teachers. Tadika Bandar Baru’s teaching system is Mondays to Thursdays having lessons in classes and Fridays are activity day for children. On Fridays, the children will have their co-curriculum activities, games, watch videos and so on. The schooling time for this kindergarten is from 8.00a.m. until
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