Strategic Planning Vs Operational Planning

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Every work need to have planning, if not it is no point. The purpose of planning is to make sure that the business gives out efficient and effective product. Planning involves goals and mission of an organisation that can be achieved with a strategic planning. In strategic management there are two types of planning which are strategic planning and also operational planning. Strategic planning is just the same as long-range planning. Both planning are suitable for organizations that change relatively infrequent at least remaining for five years or more.
Therefore, in my opinion there is no point for the organization to try to develop long range plans if the organization is in an environment that experiences constant change. Changes in scope
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Moreover, by applying operational planning for an organization, the strategic planning can be done as well because operational planning helps a team, section or department achieve their goals. With that, the organizational goals also can be achieved. Only that, the scope of operational planning is more specific and small. It is focuses on a team, section or department. How and what resources need to be used for the department to achieve the objectives of every department is the role of operational planning. Not to forget, this planning consists of contingency planning for the organization is in an environment that experience constant change. It is because contingency plans are another plan or alternative plans that can face with the changes happen when you are running a business. The operational planning can give the circumstances happen and when the changes happen the planning is not suitable anymore for the organization. Thus, this alternative plan can save the organizational during the changes…show more content…
But, if the demand of people around is changing, the company need to change their product or give a new breath to their product. The organization need to have new plans to make changes in order to change the product. So, when they applying the operational planning they can detect the changes and have an alternative plans to overcome the problems lack of customer. Instead of focuses only on the long-range goals that do not planned for the current situation, the organization need to focus more to their frequent

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