Overcoming Obstacles In The Outsider

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Everyone goes through life facing situations in which they must overcome. We decide if we must overcome them and use it to our advantage. Even though they might be presented with distorting events, the outcome can be turned into something extraordinary by making a person stronger and wiser. People say that obstacles are what build us up as a person which is indeed to be certain. For example, imagine yourself struggling with economic problems and you just can’t seem to find a way out. Consequently, you can’t manage to pay for essentials such as food and education whether its supplies or books for your classes. In effect, the circumstance drives you to work harder in what you do to become better and makes you appreciative of the blessings you have. Your sorrows turn into a sense of content feeling in which you have changed your negatives into something positively …show more content…

For example, in the novel ‘The Outsiders’ ponyboy is born between a rivalry of Socs and greasers, him being a greaser. He is immensely frightened from even walking home because he could be chased and beaten down. He has to carry that burden on his shoulder that he is a greaser and that makes him a threat. Consequently, he gets hurt and ends up getting himself in trouble with the law. In effect, he has to run away with his friend johnny so they will not be found by the police and later soon decide that they must turn themselves in and face the consequences. As a result, they end up not having any charges dropped on them and Ponyboy takes into his advantage to write a paper for his English class about his life as a greaser and the circumstances he faced. His paper touched the hearts of many with how many distorted events he had to go through and how moving it was that he found a way to make it positive. Overall, it is possible to turn things in your favor that can make you wiser as a

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