Overcoming Stereotypes And Judgments Essay

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Overcoming Stereotypes And Judgments To Seek Success I was told before that my only purpose of being in this country was to get married and become a citizen. I was also told that I was never gonna make it to college. People have judged and discouraged me throughout my whole life. I come from a medium-class family in Brazil. My family had just enough money to give me and my siblings a comfortable life. My parents never were able to afford college for me and my siblings. Although that is very discouraging I found my way into great opportunities. Today, my main reason for being in college is to overcome judgments and prove to everyone that I do not fit in a stereotype. I am an international student from Brazil. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to learn how to speak English. I would listen to music, watch movies and the news and always be so fascinated about this language. Unfortunately, my parents never had the money to pay for English classes. I had to study the language myself. I would be listening to music and looking up each and every word up until I had a sentence. ‘’I read anything that had words and …show more content…

Americans are not used to investing time in school because they haven’t spent much time in school at all. According to Benjamin R. Barber ‘’American children are in school only about 180 days a year, as against 240 days or more for children in Europe or Japan.’’ (1, America Skips School: Why We Talk So Much About Education and Do So Little.). On this article, Barber points many problems about the education in the US. That quote shows clearly one of the most important problems in education. This information illustrates clearly why students in America do not take education seriously. I have heard parents saying that if their children studies everyday for 30 minutes it is good enough. The problem of this policy is that when that person goes into college, it will be a big

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