Social Media Becoming Narcissistic Essay

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Do you feel that this generation that is growing up with social media is becoming more narcissistic? If parents limit the use of their child’s social media use, it will decrease the chances of them becoming narcissistic, seeking attention, cyberbullying, and potentially being kidnapped. Although some people say social media can lead to increased self-confidence, it can also lead people, teenagers in particular, to seek attention and become narcissistic; therefore, parents should limit the amount of time their child spends on social media. Parents should limit their child’s access to social media because it can decrease the chances of their child becoming narcissistic. Researchers have concluded that people who use social media tended to have narcissistic personalities. As Carrie Barron M.D. notes, “Current thought challenges the notion that narcissists secretly suffer from low self-esteem or insecurity…” Some social media users have low self-esteem, so to gain the confidence they …show more content…

Social media can lead to cyberbullying, poor grades, lack of sleep, and kidnapping. Cyberbullying has always been a problem and has increased due to the amount of time we spend on social media. It also causes poor grades because instead of focusing on school, we focus on social media causing our grades to drop. Another thing it can lead to is the loss of sleep. While kids should be sleeping, they stay up late just to use social media. Narcissists tend to put themselves out there, which also causes strangers wanting to talk to them. “This makes social media the ideal hunting ground for online predators and would-be kidnappers who are happy to invest many hours seeking out the children who might easily be targeted.” (Gamble, Helen) If parents limit their child’s social media use, it can prevent narcissism, cyberbullying, poor grades, lack of sleep, and

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