Path To Eagle Research Paper

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I first started my scouting journey in Cub Scouts as a Wolf Scout. Through Cub Scouts I met new people and life long friends. I was able to achieve the Arrow of Light and I crossed over into Boy Scouts expecting a new adventure. I was able to earn life with in my first few years as a Boy Scout, The work was hard and challenging, but nothing in compare to the work that I had in front of me. In the next two years of my scouting career I persevered through what they call “The Path To Eagle.” In these past two years I have earned multiple merit badges, hiked many miles, camped for countless nights, and most importantly learned how to be a leader. In the beginning being a leader sounded terrifying. I never thought I would be able to handle such an important position…show more content…
I do not have a major chosen out yet, but I am sure I will figure out what I want to do with in the next year. Right now I am considering fields in biology or psychology. I also enjoy art and creativity, so I want to integrate that into my field of study. I want to work a job that I will enjoy, but I also want to be payed well. Because of the subjects I like it will be difficult to find a job that fits those goals. My goal in high school was to do my best, so that I can apply to many colleges. I wanted to meet the requirements for admission for as many schools as possible. This will give me more options for applying to different schools. On my application I will be able to talk about my community service through the school and Boy Scouts. I will also mention the leadership skills I have developed through Scouts. Colleges will want people who are good leaders. It will show them that I can work with a team of students or be an active member in the student body. Once in college my goals will be similar to those that I have for high school. I will do my best to succeed in college. Although they are vague, these are the goals I currently have for
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