Pennies Synthesis

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Pennies cost more than they 're worth, and the United States should cease production to due this fact. According to Source #1, the U.S. penny costs 2.41 cents to produce one penny. That 's is over two times of what it can pay for. In 2011, the governments taxpayers lost $60.2 million on the production and distribution of pennies. The year prior— 2010— taxpayers lost $27.4 million, and in 2009, they lost $19.8 million (Source #1). In Source #2, the text states "Pennies are "too heavy and not cost-effective to ship,”" You may ask, "what does cost-effective mean? Well cost-effective means "producing desirable results without costing a lot of money" (Source #2). As we can see, they cannot produce pennies without more money than the pennies
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