Persecution In The Rohingya

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Who are the Rohingya and where are they from?
The Rohingya population is concerntrated in the historical region of a Arakan and old coastal country of South-East Asia. The origin of the Arakan is still unknown to us. But we know that there were an estimated 1 million Rohingya living in Myanmar before the 2016-2017 crisis. About 603,000 refugees from Rakhine, Rohingya had crossed the Myanmar border and came into Bangladeshalone since 22 October 2017 to August 25,2017. It was reported by UN. Myanmar had crossed the border into Bangladesh alone since August 25, 2017.This number increased to 624000 by November 2, 2017.Where we can see most of them are Muslim and a minor people followed Hindu religion.

How are Rohingya persecuted?
The Rohingya persecution in Myanmar refers to the ongoing military crackdown by the Myanmar Army and Police in Rakhine state in the country’s western region.While the majority of Rohingya’s are Muslims,attacks also occurred also on Hindu Rohingya’s.The crackdown was also responsed on Myanmar Boarder posts on October 2016 by Rohingya insurgents.The Myanmar Army have been accused of wide scale human rightsviolationsThere is a history of persecution of Muslims in Myanmar that continues to the present day. In Myanmar, the majority are Buddhist and a minor people
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A Rohingya man named Ata Ullah(who was born in Karrachi, Pakistan) was raised in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He led the International Crisis Group and published a report on December 2016. A committee of Rohingya was included by the other members of its leadership in Saudi Arabia. On 26 August 2017 the ARSA was declared a terrorist group by the central committee. The central committee belongs to the counter-terrorism of Myanmar. It was happened in accordance with the country’s counter-terrorism law.

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