Vegas Shooting History

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On October Third there was a mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was at a Jason Aldean concert that the shooting occurred. There were 22,000 attendees at the outdoor concert on the Vegas Strip. Almost 50 to 60 people were killed and 500+ injured. Prayers and Sympathy are pouring in from all around the world, especially Washington D.C. President Donald Trump says: “We are joined together today in sadness, shock, and grief. Last night, a gunman opened fire in a large crowd, at a country music concert. It was an act of pure evil.” The suspected gunman was later found in his hotel room unconscious. The lone gunman was Stephen Paddock. Police officials say they don’t know said man and they don’t know how they could have prevented the attack from happening that night. Clark County Sheriff, Joe Lombardo, says: “Well, we have to establish what his motivation is first and there 's motivating factors associated with …show more content…

As we have asked people, they think it is. Continuously our reporter heard “This was an act of terror!” As it is not proven yet, we still have our opinions and thoughts about this

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