The Importance Of Accomplishment For Homeless People

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I want to accomplish many thing through out my life, but the biggest accomplishment I want is to help the people who have lost or don 't have a family to take care of them. Sometimes, kids are left alone because their parents couldn 't take care of them, or they had to go find better jobs to help with their living conditions. In many places they have very bad living conditions, and the people who live there try to leave, but sometimes they can 't take every one they love and that could cause them to loose those people. Homeless people have poor living conditions because they can 't afford some place or they might be kids that can 't find anywhere to stay. Kids and adults are often left alone or kicked out of there homes. I want to help the children, adults, and any other person that is homeless, that is the biggest accomplishment that I want.

The children who have no family are mostly the ones that are homeless. There are many reasons to why a kid could have no home. Many kids in other counties are left alone or with relatives, but maybe they have to be left because their parents had to go find a better job or because they needed to find better living
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Kids that loose their families or maybe because they left their homes. There are many reasons why someone doesn 't have a home. I want to accomplish many things, but one of the more important thing that I want to accomplish is to help the homeless. I want to help the homeless because I think that everyone deserves a place where they can feel safe and where they can feel like someone cares about them; therefore, I want to be able to help both kids and adults that are going through a hard time and need somewhere to stay. If they need somewhere to stay I want them to see that if they go to a homeless shelter they can have a home, and they will be

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