Personal Experience And Interest In Leadership Role

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Personal experience and Interest in the pursuit of a STEM or healthcare degree.

Since I was a little girl I would see my dad struggling with Diabetes Type 1, a lifelong disease for which there is not yet a cure. Diabetes Type 1 is when the immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells. My dad has to stay constantly aware of his blood sugar that is constantly going up and down. This means he has to monitor what he eats and take insulin through an injection. Watching the struggles that my dad is going through have inspired me to find a career in the Healthcare field and take part in helping people who are suffering from chronic diseases.
Healthcare field has many different fields to choose from and to help me get to know more about it …show more content…

My responsibilities as a DECA officer are to lead and plan events for our DECA Chapter. Being a DECA Officer gave me the chance to give back to my community. DECA has helped me obtain the knowledge and skills that will greatly help me throughout my life in the business world as well as the personal world.
As a DECA Officer, I had the role of the human resource manager and my responsibility was to schedule, and train everyone who would be working at the bazaar. I had to interact with the intro to Marketing students and create a schedule that would work for them. In addition to that, I trained the students who will be volunteering at the holiday bazaar making they have all the resources that they needed. Taking a leadership role in school has taught me dedication and …show more content…

Some of the things that I accomplished were, I planned the first ever Spring Fling in my school. This event was to bring the students and teachers together. There were games and booths in the school field and a taco food truck was also there. More students than we expected came and participated in this event. One of the biggest accomplishment being in Student Government was I wrote a proposal to the school district about our school bathrooms. As the years' had progressed the state of the restrooms has continually worsened, to the point that many of the facilities have been made unusable. Some of the issues with the restrooms are missing stall doors, broken locks, rusted and cracked components, slanderous graffiti, and an absence of mirrors. These issues are problematic and should be addressed hastily for multiple reasons. The first reason being that having dysfunctional and poor quality restrooms causes an unnecessary waste of time for both students and staff members. This issue is especially problematic for students because students are given a limited amount of time in transition periods to use the restrooms and when the restrooms are faulty this causes them to search out a usable restroom. Improving our school bathrooms would improve the image of our school and over students can have bathrooms that are in good condition. I thought that showing the district the shape our school

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