Personal Narrative: A Career As A Veterinarian

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The career that I have decided I would like to have one day is as a veterinarian. I really enjoy and care for animals and love to help them. I have some pets of my own and help them when they need it. I really like science and math and think this job is perfect for me. Being a vet involves a lot of mathematics. It is encouraged that you take algebra, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry in high school in order to go to a veterinary school. Some science classes that are encouraged are biology, chemistry, and physics. One way that veterinarians use math is by measuring the size of an animal for a cast, if they are required to have one. There are other ways too. I will share some more of them. Another way that vets have to use math is when they are calculating how much food they have left for the animals in the office. They have to know how much more they need to order too. One last way that vets use math is when they have to measure the amount of medicine they are giving an animal. Different sized animals require different amounts of medicine. Yes college is required for this career. It takes about four years to complete the …show more content…

If I were a resident there, the cost would only be from about $42,000 to $49,000. Now I will tell you about possible scholarships. One scholarship is available to students that are enrolled at an accredited veterinary school and it has a maximum award amount of $10,000. This one is called the AKC Veterinary Student Scholarship. It is supported by the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery, Royal Canin, and the AKC Canine Health Foundation. Another scholarship available is the Pfizer/AVMA Veterinary Student Scholarship Program. This scholarship is sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association and Pfizer. Over 300 scholarships, valued at $2,500 each, are awarded to high academic achieving 2nd and 3rd year veterinary

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