Personal Narrative: A Place In Santa Fe, New Mexico

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My story takes place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A 21 year old girl, with long brunette hair with a lean tannish body to her is moving with her family to help her mom and her dad run a ranch. At the time her family was moving, Sophia was healing from a heartbreak. Her fiance and her have been engaged for year and a half. When the wedding day come around her fiance left her at the altar, and he left the country.

I keep telling myself, “Sophia this move is a good decision for your heart”. A week later my family and I moved into our new home in the middle of nowhere.

When I awoke from my deep sleep, I decided to go outside and explore the landscape. As I was walked to the front door my mother Allison stopped me and asked me where was I heading. I smiled and said, “ I’m going for a short walk in the paster, I’ll be back around 10 or so. Is that ok? Allison replied with, “ oh yes that will be just fine”. I stared out the door again. As I was walking in the pastor in my short summer dress I couldn’t help not to noticed the beautiful long green grass brushing my short legs. And the smell of the morning due and the flower was so peaceful. Then I realized I haven 't been in this much peace in a long …show more content…

As was watching the pickup move, I decided to start back toward the house. It took me about a good ten minutes to get back. When I reached the driveway I notice the truck at my house. Inside the truck three men were get out of it. One of the men was an older set man with gray, hair that wore a cowboy hat. The other two men were younger looking. One of them had dark, brown hair. The other one looked like he was 19 and a good-natured young man with a decent height to him. He also has thick, dark, black, wavy, short, hair. They both wore cowboy hats like the old man did. I also noticed the one with brown hair looked older than the one with black hair. They must be

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