Personal Narrative: An Interview With A Resident Assistant

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Lauren Brooksby is Resident Assistant for 2nd floor New Heritage building 29. Not only is she a beautiful person inside out but she is also a great RA- someone that us residents greatly respect and love. Last month Lauren with other RAs and hall advisors organized a spa night for the whole building. Understanding that the residents have to deal with so much stress from midterms, she organized the program so that girls can have a fun night with friends and take care of themselves. It took Laurent and her coworkers 3 weeks to plan and organize the event. Based on the facility and decoration, I can tell they had put so much effort into preparing for the night. I was not disappointed when going to the program. It was a true “spa night” with face masking, foot massage, healthy food and photo booth. It is a good opportunity for residents to liberate their mind from homework and relieve their stress. Lauren massaged our feet and chatted with us personally. Since she is a hilarious person, we always feel so good talking to her, listening to her interesting stories and funny jokes. Around 10 and 11pm when everyone was gone, she still stayed to clean up until everything was tidy, although as anyone else, she had so much …show more content…

Last month a girl I know was having a hard time. Lauren, without hesitation, told her to come over right away and carefully listened to her struggle as well as giving her priceless advice. She is such a good listener and a mature older sister. Not only did she listen to every single detail of the story, she also shared her opinion to the girl and told her about her personal heart-breaking story to deepen the bond. Moreover, she brought out ice cream and made brownies for the girl, because ice cream can compensate for negative emotions. Thanks to her cheerful but mature personality, it is absolutely easy to talk to her. She is a great, trustful friend who anyone can confide

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