Personal Narrative Analysis

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As I got into my car that August afternoon, wiping away a few rogue tears, I thought to myself, “I’ll see him in a few months and nothing will change”. Little did I know that when I wished my boyfriend off to college, that not only was he leaving, but a piece of my freedom was leaving with him. Senior year gave me new freedoms and responsibilities that I was eager to pursue and experience. As the year progressed, I got to experience the freedoms of being able to drive myself, lead three sports teams, and make the life-altering decision of where I will continue my education.These newfound freedoms aided the development of the person who I am today, and the person I aspire to be. Throughout this transformation, however, my boyfriend slowly attempted …show more content…

I was afraid to upset him so the following day at my track meet, I lied and told my teammates that I did not like the spandex option, so I made my entire relay team change into longer shorts. Two weeks later I sat beneath my family’s Christmas tree opening presents, when I unwrapped a sweater my mom bought me. As I took the sweater out of the box, I instantly started planning further outfits, until he leaned over and whispered “you not actually going to wear that are you? That’s too low cut”. Again, I let him control me, and I shoved the beautiful sweater to the back of my closet. I let the little things go, thinking “he’s right, I shouldn’t be wearing this type of clothing”. The fact that I was growing into a new person scared him, therefore the only way he felt that he could restrict this growth was to control how I dressed, acted, and who I was friends with. As I naive teenager who thought that she was in love, I complied with his ways and ignored everyone telling me that I needed to …show more content…

Ecstatic over my accomplishments, I would call him and share the great news to only get an extremely unenthusiastic response in return. One night he responded to my excitement with “I do not like it when you succeed, it makes me feel inferior, and I do not like being the inferior one in this relationship”. At this point, I just wanted to find a way out, but I couldn’t, I felt trapped. I woke up early one January morning, in a sheer sense of panic that this was what my life was going to be like. As I sat there repeating to myself, that I am just exaggerating things, everything will work out, the thought that I was never going to escape this rested in the back of my mind. I was a high schooler trapped in a relationship that I felt that I could not escape from. Everyone told me that I needed to rip it off like a band-aid and call it quits, but I could not get myself to do that. I could not hurt his feelings and end things, but at the same time, I was living in misery. I would go to bed upset and wake up questioning what I was doing with my life. He emotionally tore me apart, making me feel like no what I did, I was being disgraceful. March came around and he came home on spring break. As I was out at a hockey game with my friends, my phone lit up with dozens of texts from him saying that I should be hanging out with him instead of them. That was my breaking point, and I drove to his

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