Personal Narrative: Asperger's Syndrome

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“You’re kind of weird, you know.” These five words are not uncommon to hear in my typical 24-hour schedule. I have been told with this quote hundreds, if not thousands of times by my parents, my teachers, pretty much anybody I get acquainted with. The words do not have to be in their exact forms, some ways to put the quote into different words are "geek", "nerd", socially/emotionally awkward, to name a few. After years of extensive pondering, I finally have determined the cause of this criticism. It 's not because people want to be mean. It 's because I often cannot start or continue a conversation. It 's because I would rather hang around with machines than people. It 's because I often used to frustrate people when they are giving me directions when I am focused in my own little world and not acting on the current circumstance.

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Asperger 's Syndrome is difficult to live with. It affects me in all aspects of life. In school, I have great difficulty communicating in groups (for example, Socratic Seminars); I either fail to speak up, misunderstand what someone is talking about, or ignore the entire discussion. This failure to follow through has drastically affected my grade and I immediately knew I needed to change my behavior, and fast. As I entered high school, with the help of my parents and prior experience, my social skills have steadily improved, and I began to work as a group. This improvement; however, had no proximity to perfection. I still sometimes couldn 't keep up with the pace of a lesson, or daydream when a teacher is lecturing on a topic such as the moral meaning of the character 's relationships Old English Story Beowulf. But now I do it much less, thanks to my determination and a little bit medication. Hopefully, by the time I graduate from high school (one more year), I would have improved to the point that my medication is no longer necessary and I can immerse smoothly into

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