Personal Narrative Essay On Being A Triplet

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Ronnie Moore
WRT 120
Mr. Ayan
September 8, 2016
Personal Narrative
Everyone has something unique about them. At first I thought there was nothing really special about me; I’m just a normal guy, but then I began to think of all the years through my education and life and one certain number defined who I was. Three must be my lucky number. The number 3 is an important part of my life. I'm a triplet; I was the third triplet born; I weighed 3 pounds at birth; I am the third "Ronald Moore"; I earned the number 3 spot on my high school tennis team; I was considered number 3 on my high school cross country team; and I received a 3 year varsity award my senior year in all of my 3 sports in high school. I’m sure there has been other events where the number three has been there with me but these are the most major ones that have affected me. The number 3 is an integral part of who I am.
Being a triplet has affected my life in multiple ways. Having two sisters that are the same age as me has made a big impact on my life. We grew up together being by each other sides and doing most things together. Of
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Earning this ranking was a significant accomplishment for me, because being in the top 3 in cross country was important when it came to a crucial or close meet. It makes me feel proud that for tennis and for cross country I was able to make it to that 3rd spot and be one of the leaders on the team. I have worked hard to earn important roles on the teams. I also knew I have to try best to keep my lucky number 3 positions. The last significant reason why 3 is my lucky number is because I earned 3 year Varsity awards my senior year in the sports I played in high school which were cross country, swimming, and tennis. I’m glad I didn’t get a 4 year Varsity award for any of those sports because that’s not who I was, 3 is my number and always will
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